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A natural antioxidant, Phosphatidylserine stabilizes mood, promoting positive energy and attracting abundance and wealth into your life.


Extracted from tea leaves, L-theanine enhances focus, aligning your brain to facilitate clear communication with the divine for the receipt of blessings and guidance.

Huperizine A

This brain supernutrient, utilized for centuries in Chinese medicine, collaborates with Alpha GPC to prevent cognitive decline and provide essential building blocks for third eye awakening.

Alpha GPC

boosts intelligence, helps protect against cognitive decline, and assists in activating the third eye, promotingmental clarity and insight.

Bacopa Monnieri Extract

Bacopa boosts your brain natural chemicals associatedwith thinking, learning, and memory, while also helping align your third eye.


GABA, a neurotransmitter found naturally in the brain, aids in hormone balance, enhancing communication with the divine and supporting overall brain health as you age.

Promotes Activation of Pineal Gland
Soy/Dairy/Gluten Free/Non-GMO
Protects against cognitive decline
Enhances focus and mental clarity
Boosts intelligence and creativity
Improves concentration
Boosts energy levels
Highest Quality Processing Methods
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You will start to notice improvements in mental clarity, focus, and cognitive function within a week of consistent intake.

For the full spectrum of benefits, continued use over a longer period is recommended, as the effects of the supplement’s natural ingredients accumulate and become more pronounced over time. It’s essential to maintain a consistent daily regimen with Aligned XT to achieve the best results.

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