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Gain a Slimmer, Happier and Healthier Tummy with 7 “Super Strain” Probiotics + High Absorption, Weight Loss Accelerating MCT Oil

365 Day a “Happier Gut or Your Money Back” Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in giving BellyFix a try.

So we provide a generous 365 day “A Happier Gut or Your Money Back” guarantee.

So if you don’t notice any reduction in your weight…

If your digestion doesn’t improve…

If you change your mind and want your money…

Or you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all…

Simply return the bottles within a year for a full refund.

No need to call or email. Just return the bottles and we will refund your purchase to your credit card in full.

Revitalize the “Core of All Health” Inside Your Body to Look and Feel Refreshed Inside and Out

If you suffer from belly bloat, indigestion, lethargy, brain fog and stubborn weight gain...

It’s likely your gut health is in trouble.

The good news is there’s now an easy fix!

BellyFix is a next generation probiotic supplement that can provide you with a slimmer and healthier tummy in weeks.

It combines seven of the best science backed “Super Strain” probiotics and features added MCT oil for higher absorption and faster fat loss results.

All you need to do is take one capsule of BellyFix in the morning…

And BellyFix helps bring a perfect balance to your gut health.

So you can properly digest sugars, carbs and all your favorite foods again... without stomach complaints or rushes to a bathroom… and also...

Reignite a Tired Metabolism for Around the Clock Fat Loss

BellyFix helps turbocharge your body’s natural fat burning mode so you can gain a slim, trim body...

While still enjoying sensible amounts of pizza, pasta and cake.

BellyFix also helps to build a rock solid immune defense...

Which can help provide you with flowing energy, mental clarity and more vitality in daily life!

Bring Peace to the Tug of War Inside Your Gut

Right now, a tug of war is taking place inside your gut.

A tug of war between two sets of microbes.

The “good microbes” help you digest food, to maintain a strong immune system and to metabolize food as energy rather than fat…

While the “bad” microbes do the exact opposite.

When You Have Too Many “Bad” Microbes Living Inside Your Gut You Can Get Cramps, Bloating and Gas after Meals…

You feel drained, brain foggy and struggle to sleep...

Your ability to burn fat grinds to a halt…

And your immune defenses become weak...

Leaving you feeling tired, rundown and “blah!”.

The problem is that sustaining healthy levels of the “good” guys is now harder than ever, because...

Our Modern Lifestyles Are Toxic to the Health of Out Guts

Processed foods, medicines, stress and hormonal changes can all deplete our levels of “good” microbes.

This then allows the “bad” guys to spread and take control.

So if you often feel tired and rundown... craving sugary fattening foods all the time… and constantly putting on weight...

It’s likely because you have too many “bad” microbes living inside your gut.

Bad Microbes Grind Your Fat Burning Metabolism to a Halt

The influence our gut microbes have on our ability to burn fat was stunningly revealed in a huge study by King’s College, England.

In the study, King’s College scientists wanted to understand the role our gut health plays in our ability to turn food into energy, rather than fat.

They collected together a huge group of 1,000 people, many of whom were twins.

The scientists then checked their weight and gut health markers before and after meals.

What did they discover?

After checking the readings, the scientists’ jaws dropped when they saw big differences in how twins with different body weights metabolized food.

While the heavier twin was prone to putting on weight with every mouthful…

The slimmer twin was able to convert more of the food they ate into natural, flowing energy.

The reason?

After eliminating genetics and diets as factors...

The scientists reached the stunning conclusion that it was...

Having Abundant “Good” Gut Microbes That Enabled the Slimmer Twins to Sustain their Trim, Healthy Bodies

So if you struggle to attain and sustain a healthy weight...

No matter how much you exercise, restrict your foods and take “calorie burner” weight loss supplements…

The King’s College study demonstrates that it’s your gut health you have to fix first...

Otherwise no weight loss attempt is going to work.

Well, this is exactly what BellyFix helps you to do!

BellyFix is already helping countless thousands of people to bring balance to their gut…

To gain smooth, healthy digestion…

And to send their fat burning metabolism into overdrive!

But you don't have to take our word for it - see what these customers are saying about their rapidly slimming bodies...

Why Most Probiotic Supplements Are Little Better than Sugar Pills

Have you tried probiotics before but been left disappointed by the results?

If so, you’re not alone.

The huge rise in the awareness of gut health has led to a glut of weakly formulated probiotic supplements.

Many are made based on dated science on which are the most potent probiotic strains. Or they contain key strains in only small amounts.

What’s worse, many probiotic supplements don’t survive long enough in the gut to work!

Instead, they fall apart in the stomach’s acid before they can reach the gut to release their contents.

This makes most probiotic supplements little better than sugar pills.

Our research team at Nutraville recognized that poor gut health is the underlying reason why so many people struggle to lose weight…

It’s also why so many people struggle with poor digestion…

Feel tired, rundown and like their body is falling apart.

We Invested Huge Amounts of Time and Resources into Solving the Reason Why Most Probiotic Supplements Don’t Work

First we identified 7 key “Super Strains” backed by the latest science for their benefits for gut health.

Then we added an extra special ingredient, MCT oil, to maximise absorption.

The result is a breakthrough probiotic supplement.

A supplement precision formulated for optimal peak health and maximum fat burn potential.


BellyFix - The Next Generation in Gut Health and Fat Burning Probiotic Science

BellyFix is a breakthrough new probiotic supplement expertly formulated to support smooth digestion and a flatter, happier and healthier tummy in a revolutionary new way.

What makes BellyFix special is that:

1. Every ingredient is selected based on the latest science on which are the best probiotic strains for gut health and fat burn

2. The addition of premium grade MCT oil to help maximize absorption of every capsule inside the gut

The result is a probiotic supplement that can finally bring relief to your belly…

Reignite your fat burning metabolism to its peak…

And release a flood of health benefits that help you feel cleansed, refreshed and vibrant inside and out!

Life Transforming Benefits that Build Over Time

The benefits of BellyFix may start slowly, but they soon build to a crescendo!

The first thing you may notice is fewer cravings for sugary snacks...

And you find yourself starting to crave healthy foods instead.

Then after a week, or even a few days, you may notice any cramps, bloating or gas you may be suffering from now have calmed to a murmur…

And mad dashes to the ladies room are a thing of the past.

The next change you may notice from BellyFix is that you feel calmer, clearer minded, less nervy and better able to sleep through the night.

Then After One Month the Benefits of BellyFix Really Come Alive!

It’s after about four weeks of taking BellyFix that your metabolism will roar back to life…

Causing your thighs to seem slimmer, your stomach flatter and your arms more trim and toned.

Then after eight weeks you’ll be able to step on the scales…

And SCREAM with delight to see your weight has plummeted!

Even better will be knowing that the fat that’s melted from all over your body isn’t coming back...

Because with BellyFix helping to power your gut health and fat burning metabolism at its peak…

This time the improvement in your digestion and weight loss is for good!

1. Lactobacillus acidophilus (L.Acidophilus)

We selected L.Acidophilus due to its perceived ability to help support the satiety hormone leptin at its peak.

With healthy levels of leptin, we feel full quicker, eat less and can lose weight naturally.

The benefits of L.Acidophilus for relieving cravings were stunningly revealed in a 2014 study of 75 overweight people.

Each participant was given a yogurt containing L.Acidophilus for 8 weeks and another group a placebo, both in combination with a low calorie diet.

At the end of the study, the group who’d eaten the yogurt containing the placebo found their cravings too hard to ignore.And they failed to lose barely any weight.

Whereas the group who ate the L.Acidophilus yogurt was a whole different story.

Their cravings reduced to a manageable level. Enabling them to reduce their food intake and lose pounds of fat from their thighs, stomach and arms.

The scientists even went on record to confirm that the L.Acidophilusgroup had achieved a far bigger “reduction in body mass index (BMI), fat percentage, and leptin level.”

2. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is another key driver of BellyFix’s fat burning power.

We selected it based on a 2013 study by Cambridge University, England. A study which sent shockwaves throughout the weight loss industry.

In the randomized double-blind study… which is the gold standard of clinical research... a group of overweight subjects were given an extract of lactobacillus rhamnosus for 24 weeks and another group a placebo.

The result?

The weight of the placebo group didn’t change at all.

Whereas the subjects given Lactobacillus rhamnosus had shown“significant reductions in fat mass” all over their bodies.

3. Bacillus Subtilis

There’s now over 250 studies supporting Bacillus subtilis’ benefits for digestion, metabolism and immune health.

This includes a 2017 animal study in which scientists discovered

Bacillus subtilis can dramatically support immune health and longevity.

While in 2019, scientists also discovered Bacillus subtilis also offers remarkable weight loss benefits.

In an animal study, they were amazed to discover that Bacillus subtilis helps the gut to make a short chain fatty called “butyrate”.

Butyrate in turn helps make a fat burning gene called “amp k”...

And amp K helps switch off the body’s fat storing genes to release stored fat around the clock.

4. Lactobacillus Plantarum

We selected Lactobacillus plantarum due to its ability to help sustain a strong gut wall, and to keep out toxins from entering the bloodstream. This in turn helps to relieve gas, bloating and the most common causes of rushes to a bathroom.

5. Bifidobacterium Longum

Bifidobacterium longum helps the stomach to make lactic acid. And lactic acid in turns helps support a healthy immune system, smooth digestion and enables more of the food you eat to be turned into energy rather than fat.

6. Bifidobacterium Breve

Bifidobacterium breve plays a key role in supporting overall immunity, managing indigestion complaints and fat loss. A 2018 study by Japanese scientists also found that Bifidobacterium breve offers benefits for healthy cholesterol.

7. Lactobacillus casei (L.Casei)

Lactobacillus casei helps food digestion and keeps harmful microorganisms under control. In a study in the journal of ‘Beneficial Microbes’ scientists found lactobacillus cassay contributes to significant decrease in body weight and that when combined with other microbes it amplified their results.

8.Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

The addition of MCT oil is what separates BellyFix from the pack!

As you may know, MCT oil comes from coconuts. And it’s a popular ingredient in the keto diet due to how it helps promote feelings of fullness on a low carb diet.

MCTs can also be converted into “ketones” for energy.

Ketones are like tiny energy balls. And taking MCT oil helps people to release more energy so they can stay in the natural fat burning state of “ketosis” for longer.

However, the main reason we included MCT oil was due to how...

MCT Oil Sends Nutrient Absorption Through the Roof!

In an animal study, scientists found that taking MCT oil in combination with probiotics works wonders for gut health. And in turn helps accelerate fat loss.

In fact, they even went on record to say that combining MCT oil with probiotics could hold the key to slimming America’s waistline as a powerful “anti-obesity intervention”.This study is no exception.

The ability of MCT oil to help support nutrient absorption is backed by a raft of peer reviewed research.

This includes a study in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition on how MCT oil helps support the absorption of calcium.

While a jaw dropping study in Nutrition and Metabolism found that a spread enriched with MCT oil and omega-3 fatty acids led to a “significantly reduced waist circumference”.

Based on this weight of evidence, notable medical research writer Dr. Heydinger Galante has hailed how “MCTs may provide solutions for faster and more efficient absorption of vitamins and minerals.”

So you see…

With the addition of MCT oil, BellyFix can provide superior absorption to any off-the-shelf probiotic formulas.

This means that more of BellyFix’s 7 “Super Strains” can be absorbed in your gut...

And you can look forward to bigger benefits for your digestion, fat burning metabolism and immune system than from any probiotic you’ve ever tried before!

365 Day a “Happier Gut or Your Money Back” Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in giving BellyFix a try.

So we provide a generous 365 day “A Happier Gut or Your Money Back” guarantee.

So if you don’t notice any reduction in your weight…

If your digestion doesn’t improve…

If you change your mind and want your money…

Or you’re unsatisfied for any reason at all…

Simply return the bottles within a year for a full refund.

No need to call or email. Just return the bottles and we will refund your purchase to your credit card in full.

Stock Up to Gain the Biggest Benefits and Savings

A single bottle is a great way to try BellyFix out.

But many people find that it takes a few weeks, or sometimes months, before they start experiencing the full benefits of BellyFix.

This is because it can take a while for BellyFix to replenish your gut with healthy bacteria. And then for your digestion to improve and your fat burning metabolism to roar back into life.

So for that reason, we recommend investing in at least the 3 bottle package, which will last three months.

Another reason we recommend investing in the larger package sizes is because people aren’t just buying BellyFix for themselves...

They’re also buying BellyFix for their partners, parents and other loved ones.

While it fills us with pride and joy to see so many people buying BellyFix for the people they care about, it does mean supplies can run low at any time.

So while stock is available, we recommend investing in the larger package sizes of BellyFix so you can stay stocked up for longer, gain the biggest health benefits and gain the biggest discount too.

Ready to Give Your Digestion and Fat Burning Metabolism a Helping Hand?

If you struggle with gas, cramps and bloating… stubborn weight that seems impossible to shift…

...along with lethargy… brain fog… poor sleep… and feeling generally “blah!”...

A gut imbalance is likely to blame.

Sadly, our gut’s “good guys” are under constant attack from processed foods, air pollution, medications, stress and hormonal changes.

It’s a wonder any of them survive at all!

And unless you take steps to help feed your gut with healthy strains of probiotics...

Any effects you may be experiencing now may get even worse.

You could even be at higher risk of more serious health complications down the road.

And having too many of the “bad guys” inside your gut grinding your digestion to a virtual halt…

...and slamming the breaks on your metabolism…

Makes it practically impossible to attain and sustain a slim, healthy weight.

But it doesn't have to be this way, because instead you can...

Allow BellyFix to Get You Feeling and Looking “Great!” Inside and Out

BellyFix’s precision formulation of 7 “Super Strains” and MCT oil for maximum absorption can help return your gut to a flatter, happier and healthier balance in a few short weeks.

All you need to do is take a single capsule each morning…

And you can look forward to supporting smooth digestion...

A reignited fat burning metabolism…

A strong, healthy immune system...

And a flood of life transforming health benefits coursing through your body.

Remember that every order comes with a 365 day “A Happier Gut or Your Money Back” guarantee.

So you have a full year to try it out…

And experience for yourself how BellyFix can transform your digestion, weight loss success and quality of life!

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