Easy and Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month this April (and a Grounding Smoothie Recipe).

Easy and Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month this April (and a Grounding Smoothie Recipe).

Easy and Healthy Ways to Celebrate Earth Month this April (and a Grounding Smoothie Recipe).

Earth day officially falls on April 22nd, but the entire month of April is dedicated to all things Earth related too.


Here are some easy and healthy ways you can celebrate Earth Month with your health and lifestyle habits, all the while promoting radical health, weightloss and vibrancy as well as contributing to the health of our beautiful planet.

Eat Organic and Support Sustainable Farming Practices

There’s a lot of discussion about the merits of eating organic or not and it can be confusing, so let’s break it down.

It’s much more important to eat organic nowadays than it used to be for the simple fact that our soils are depleted in minerals due to forest clearing and farming methods over time.

Many of our regular fruits and vegetables may look healthy but in actuality lack trace minerals and nutrients. For this reason, it is always a good idea to buy organic food in order to minimize ingesting pesticides.

That said, not all organic food is completely free from pesticides and in order to meet the standards set out by the USDA for example in the US, certain measures have to be set. There is a difference between “certified organic” “100% organic” and “made with organic ingredients.” It can get confusing!

The bottom line is that certain fruits and vegetables are best eaten organic, and some are acceptable to eat non-organic. These are defined by being “clean” or “dirty,” and lead to the lists known as the “dirty dozen.”


If you can afford to eat organic and you feel inclined to support sustainable farming practices while reducing your exposure to pesticides, that’s awesome. But if you can’t, the best thing to do for your health overall is just up your intake of fruits and vegetables in general, no matter the source.

Exercise Outside in Nature

Incorporate nature into your daily exercise routine this month and develop a habit that can continue long after Earth month is over.

Why not include an extra ten minutes walking in the forest, by the ocean, or simply in your local park if you live in a city? Find out if there are any outdoor fitness classes taking place, or perhaps you could organize a community walking session or bike ride.

Do what you can to take your normal activities outside and enjoy what pur planet has to offer.

Make This Green “Earth Day” Smoothie Recipe

Blend together the following:

Spinach, kale, pineapple, cucumber, fresh ginger, and a squeeze of lemon.


These ingredients full of leafy greens with a burst of fruit and citrus create a powerful detoxifying and immune-boosting blend.The ginger adds an extra grounding element.

This green powerhouse smoothie is bursting with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to leave you feeling energized, detoxed and ready to go.

Extra Tip: Why not add something grounding for Earth Day such as cilantro, basil, parsley, mint or a spoonful of superfoods spirulina or wheat grass! These added extras will provide extra vitamins, enhance the detox process and boost flavor.