Forget Fad Diets - Try Supplementing with Hydrogen-Infused Water

Forget Fad Diets - Try Supplementing with Hydrogen-Infused Water

Forget Fad Diets - Try Supplementing with Hydrogen-Infused Water

If you keep up to date with current weight-loss trends or follow certain social media influencers, you may have heard about hydrogen-infused water and its power to support you in your journey to shed stubborn weight. Sound familiar?

You might be thinking - what’s all the fuss about drinking more water? We’ve all heard that a million times before. Is this hydrogen-water just another meaningless ‘trend’?

Well, before you pass harsh judgment, let’s take a look at the science behind the claims.

Hydration is crucial for our bodies and health for obvious reasons. Our body needs water to survive. The human body is mostly made up of water, and that water has essential roles in cellular function, health and disease.

But the thing is, the key to really good hydration is not just about drinking tons of water, it’s actually about making sure that water gets deeply absorbed into your cells.

Enter hydration science! Research from John Hopkins University has discovered a new way for water to be quickly absorbed into our bodies cells, supporting optimal hydration that actually helps our bodies’ to burn fat. Sounds good right?!

This new discovery involves something called aquaporin channels, which allow one million water molecules per second to enter our cells. However, in order to move easily through those channels, the pH of the water must be slightly alkaline. Most water is of a neutral pH. The kind of water you need to be alkaline has a pH of 7.9 to 9.2.

The solution? Dissolving hydrogen gas or molecular hydrogen tablets into your glass or bottle of regular water. This makes the water more alkaline, and with the magic of hydrogen, your cells experience a major boost of antioxidants.

So how does it help you to lose weight?

Basically, hydrogen water supports every single cell in your body to function optimally. That in turn leads to an improvement in your digestion and a revitalization of your metabolism, consequently having a positive effect on your weight.

Its also incredibly energizing and makes you feel great! Research shows that the rise of antioxidants in your body can cause inflammation leading to weight-gain to drop significantly. This study shows it can drop by as much as 71%.

We all know that inflammation is the precursor to so many diseases, not to mention weight gain and obesity. Just by supplementing your diet with one glass a day of hydrogen-enriched water, you can activate fat cell burning, reduce fat storage and give your body an amazing health boost.

Dr. David Prologo is an expert in weight-loss, he explains that what sets hydrogen-infused water apart from other waters such as electrolyte waters is its ability to repair cells in our bodies over time.

Try adding hydrogen tablets to your water and see how it works for you. Look for dissolvable magnesium sold as molecular hydrogen tablets. (Regular magnesium supplements are not the same).

You should also continue to eat a varied diet of nutrient dense, whole foods packed with vitamins and minerals. Make sure you consume enough health calories and satisfy your appetite with healthy fats and proteins. Don’t allow yourself to go into calorie deficit - this will only harm your body over time.

Instead of thinking about being on a diet, think of changing the way you approach food. Imagine yourself in charge of keeping your beautiful body alive in the best way possible, by nourishing it with the right hydration, nutrients, and supplements that make it look and feel amazing.