3-in-1 Fat Burning Package

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3-in-1 fat burning package that naturally promotes rapid weight loss and stress release at the same time by combining Amyl Guard, cAmp Boost, and Gluta Raise.

You’ll not only effortlessly lose excess weight…


But you’ll also effortlessly manage your stress levels as you go through life.


Amyl Guard brings your Amylase levels, the enzyme that turns food you eat into stubborn fat, back to normal…


Allowing you to eat your favorite food guilt free…


cAMP Boost promotes the growth of cAMP molecules, a signaling molecule that signals your cells to burn excess fat…


While also bringing back your PDE-4 molecule back to normal levels.


PDE-4 is a signal-muting enzyme that blocks fat-burning signals sent from your cAMP molecules.


This allows you to shed excess weight from your arms, thighs, and legs with little to no effort.


And Gluta Raise helps to naturally reduce cortisol levels, otherwise known as “stress hormones”, in your system.


Raising cortisol levels increases stress and anxiety which cause blood sugar to rise causing uncontrollable food cravings and unwanted weight gain.


Gluta Raise helps to reduce cortisol levels which promotes feelings of peace and calmness within you.


So you’ll not feel healthier and look better.


You’ll also feel great.